• Image will be acceptable in any format.
  • Quality of the image should be high.
  • All the participant should have the whole story in one picture.
  • One participant one picture.
  • Water mark is allowed but it should not spoil the quality of the picture.
  • Photo detail with participant name and contact number.
  • Universal Marathi holds full Authority to conduct the event.
  • Participants not adhering to our policies will be disqualified.
  • All Rights Reserved by UM.


  1. hey its pankaj
    i am not a professional photographer but i love to photograph...
    i have some clicks which i think are considerable....can i participate????

  2. hi, i have same prob jst like pankaj salokhe hv n i didnt hv any profesnation cum jst like conon n sony cum i click pic via my mobile phone
    can i participate????